Affiliation / Accreditation

The Independent Security Council (ISC) is recognised by Ministry of Justice through a State Department designated to register organisations within the national jurisdiction. Despite the fact that sovereign governments recognise the ISC security, intelligence and investigation training, we maintain our independent standards for high quality courses delivery and excellent award services. ISC founding principles of affiliation are based on the shared of aspiration of providing of comparable services in terms of national security training.

ISC is offering homeland defence, national security, and other law enforcement courses in academic collaborative partnership with Galilee International Management Institute (Israel). GIMI is an internationally renowned security and intelligence training provider.


The Independent Security Council is a prospective candidate for affiliation and accreditation with National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX). NABPTEX is a key government body with the mandate to regulate higher learning institutions. The Independent Security Council (ISC) is legally established security, intelligence and investigative training Body recognised to represent accredited universities and colleges offering security, intelligence and investigation programs. ISC representation is defined to use its good academic resources to facilitate security and intelligence training courses. Thus, anyone requiring globally recognised and accredited certificates, diplomas and degrees could benefit from any of these ISC professional services:

  •  acquireprofessional advise from the relevant ISC Departments
  •  apply freely for program and award evaluation services. Services here concerns advising prospective applicant about the authenticity of certificate or degree from targeted higher learning institution
  •  pursue tutorial support and online learning guide with special aid with ISC qualified security, intelligence and investigative lecturers, and online learning systems.

ISC aims to maintain in its data all internationally respected and accredited universities with security-focused teachings. Partnered university/college website is posted on the ISC’s website to help potential students discover the needful information they require to know when planning advanced learning with acceptable and authorised degree-granting university or college. ISC, working in collaboration with accredited colleges and universities is officially mandated to supervise:

  •  security and other law enforcement program development
  •  accredited security, intelligence and investigation course delivery
  •  homeland security and investigation training and curriculum development
  •  convene international security and intelligence awards program and conferences