The Awards and Recognition at the Security Council is designed and developed in collaboration with the security and intelligence experts, to appreciate a qualified person’s outstanding efforts in the promotion and advancement of public security, crime prevention through education, research and training. The Council’s Award program is held annually. The following are the field of practice the Security Council recognised:

  • • Security Manager of the Year
  • • Intelligence
  • • Defence
  • • Crime and Policing
  • • Public Safety and Crime Prevention
  • • National Security
  • • Fire Science
  • • Disaster and Emergency Management


Having developed over 10 new security, intelligence and investigations subject-based categories, the International Security and Investigation Awards is decided by a judging panel of leading security and intelligence experts.

The event, organised and presented by the Independent Security Council ( will be attended by over 100 industry leaders at a time when security is perceived as globally most concerned phenomenon. Accra, Ghana has been identified as the majority choice characterized by very low security threats, and more suitable for the Award program.

Master of Security Industry (MSI) is the most internationally innovative security Award designed to recognised people with both proven security-practice and advanced learning in same subject-field. The MSI is the highest Award in the security industry and thus, resolve that recipient of this august Award must have attained minimum of managerial position in specifically law enforcement practice. Additionally, security publication of not less than 20,000 words should have been submitted for panel of leading experts review and approval. The MSI is a premier initiative for the global security industry; appreciating practicable security leadership know-how and academic training.

  • • Security Manager of the Year
  • • Security Consultancy of the Year
  • • Security Company of the Year
  • • Security personnel of the Year
  • • Security Training initiative of the Year
  • • Security Installer of the Year
  • • Software Security Initiative of the Year
  • • Security Service Provider of the Year
  • • National Security Student of the Year
  • • Best Investigative Service of the Year
  • • Best Public Safety Initiative of the Year
  • • Transportation Security of the Year
  • • Cyber-Crime and Security Training Personality of the Year
  • • Intelligence Training Innovation of the Year
  • • Financial Security Innovation Initiative Award
  • • National Environmental Standard Initiative of the Year

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