The Board of Governors (BoG) is responsible for the Security Council’s overall governance and management. Practically, the Board oversees the revenue decisions, direct the implementations of policies and procedures that the Council require to function. Other active role such as strategy development for the Security Council, as well as development of security training and intelligence services are performed by the BoG.

The Board of Governors annual meetings are held four times a year, and the Board is comprises of 11 members where majority of persons recognised with the Board have extensive working experience with security and intelligence field of practice. The Chair of the ISC Board of Governors, Dr. Martin Wright; a former senior officer in the UK Police Force, is appointed by the Board of Governors. Members of the Board of Governors serve voluntarily and do not receive remuneration for the good services.

The Board has proposed to establish these standing committees:

  •  The Audit Committee
  •  Finance Committee
  •  The Council’s Operations and Facilities Committee
  •  Training and Awards Committee
  •  The Security Council Executive Committee
  •  Human Resource and National Security Review Committee

Profile of the Executive Board of Governors of the Security Council: