Terrorism and Counterintelligence Division

The threats to national security continue to proliferate and impact the ways of life. It is not known whether the security agencies share responsibility in terms of curbing the significant rise in homegrown extremists and domestic terrorist threats. The shared of information is core mandate of all the respective security agencies and this improves the capabilities of detecting, identifying and neutralising the operation of terrorists group

The Department of Security Affairs through its Division of Terrorism and Counterintelligence provides training in the key areas of terrorism and counterintelligence. These are the course units or modules for the subject Divisions:

Threats of terrorism, Terrorist attack trends, Response strategies, and Monitoring terrorist activities

Introduction to counterintelligence, Monitoring and Operations,

The general objective of this Division is to impart an applied framework for students and security practitioners. This makes the Terrorism and Counterintelligence Division one of the most practical areas one can pursue towards gaining advanced understanding in international policies and threats to national security.