The Independent Security Council membership encompasses range of security, intelligence and investigative professionals, and other members of society for example, security faculties, administrators, security and intelligence authors, security consultants and researchers. The following are also deemed suitable to apply for membership; security, intelligence and investigation students, crime activists, police, military, prisons, fire service, immigration, customs or border agents, security lecturer/trainer, private security directors/managers, community heads, religious heads and other organisations that emphasise security are encouraged to become members

Membership Benefits

  • • Opportunity to submit security, intelligence or defence proposal, have it reviewed and and present at the Security Council’s quarterly meetings
  • • Participate in the leadership nominations, for example, regional and national directors • Receive internationally recognised Security Council’s membership certificate
  • • Opportunity to participate in international security conferences
  • • Opportunity to sell your personality or organisation through the media coverage of the Council’s events
  • • Provide for regular and timely security policy statements, press releases and other intelligence or defence strategies for security cooperation between government and private sector
  • • Free subscription to the Independent Security Council’s journal

For membership application please contact us through:


Individual Memberships

  • Regular - GHc.300
  • Student - GHc.100
  • Retired - GHc.150
  • Community Activist - GHc.200
  • International - GHc.500

Institutional Memberships

  • Security/Investigative Company - GHc. 500
  • Higher Education - GHc.500
  • Corporate - GHc.800
  • Community Activist - GHc.200
  • NGO - GHc.400

Institutional Members include up to TWO full members and up to FIVE discounted member registrations for the Security Council’s annual conference.

It is important to note that Institutional Members must become individual or lifetime members to run for and serve on the Security Council’s Board. Membership expires in 3yrs period

Lifetime Memberships

  • Lifetime - GHc.2,000

Membership at this category does not expire!

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